Bloom Reader Explained

Bloom Reader is an app available for Android devices that lets you read ‘Bloom Books’.

‘Bloom Books’ are created using the free, super-easy, award-winning computer software called ‘Bloom’. Bloom is a product from SIL International.

Bloom is available for Windows as well as Linux.

Bloom Reader in the classroom

Bloom Reader allows you to enjoy ‘Talking Books’ at home, but also in the classroom.

In Papua New Guinea, 30 schools in remote locations have been equipped with a ‘Teacher Presenter Kit’ as part of a pilot.

Where to get Bloom?

Bloom allows everyone to create a ‘Talking Book’ in his or her own language. Recording is done in Bloom itself, so you don’t need experience with audio-editing software.

Try it out now, and download Bloom from;

Share our books!

Feel free to share our books with your friends!

Bloom Reader makes sharing books from phone to phone easy for you!
So no charges for data!
In Bloom Reader simply click and hold on a book or book shelve and the share icon will appear in the top right of your screen.

When you click the Share icon, Bloom Reader will ask you how you want to share the book. You can share via email, bluetooth and Share-it.