My Talking Library

MTL Elefant


Supplying and maintaining well-stocked, age-appropriate libraries at every school throughout PNG is a huge challenge. Make that job easy!

By creating a digital library on mobile phones/ tablets, it will be possible to bring lots of knowledge to every student in PNG.

This Android app will contain

a library of over 300 books,

covering a wide variety of topics.

This app also contains two very special features!

Each book has a built-in audio feature that reads the book aloud while the corresponding sentence is highlighted in the text. Allow students to listen to books and practice reading them at the same time!

And if that wasn’t enough; How about a built-in dictionary? What is more frustrating for the beginning reader when trying to read a book, to find him/herself stumbling over difficult words! Simply click on the word and the explanation shows up!

Multi Lingual Education

This app is great for multi lingual education. The students read the books in their vernacular first and when it’s finished, the book starts over in English.

Find it on Google Play and try it out!





My Language Teacher


Give students the assistance they need to increase their skills in English!

This app will serve as a digital counterpart to the existing curriculum and will help students become excited about learning!

What are the benefits of this app?

1. utilize the devices students already have in their hands

2. provide access to digital resources without requiring an online connection

3. cover many aspects of learning English, including grammar, spelling, phonics and reading comprehension

4. gain better understanding by listening to a lesson being read aloud instead of just reading it






There is no topic in English education more popular then phonics. But how to teach it? Besides the regular teacher lessons we provide fun exercises like this ‘Word scramble’.

Phonics theory is being applied in the students mind, when trying to solve the puzzle. So the word starts with Ba. So is that Ba (with the a as in father) or Ba (with the a as in cake) or Ba (with the a as in axe).

This exercise has been trialed with many papua new guineans of very different age levels and they all loved it!






tom is a fireman


Education needs to be fun for students to really engage with the content. At Education for Life we strive to make educational content which is entertaining, so that the students will love using it.

1. Drag and drop exercise

2. Logins and keeping track of scores

3. Providing really fun rewards







Surprising rewards

Who doesn’t know the fireworks that’s displayed as reward as you’ve labored through lots of exercises. It’s not really rewarding isn’t it. But how about learning about things that nobody in your country knows about?

What about finding out about the Terrafugia TF-X!?

Yes, it’s indeed a real flying car!








Picture Dictionary

For many people in this world a picture dictionary is one of first books they buy for their children. Colorful images that teach all sorts of new words.

Many vernacular languages have to do without that. The paper version of the picture dictionary has proven to be a real hit by many literacy teams around the world. This electronic version tries to expand the concept.

  1. 1. Get a better understanding of a specific word by looking at a real picture.

2. Being able to listen to the correct pronunciation of the word when browsing through the semantic domain.


Totally customizable

With a PNG context in mind we built this tool with Multi Lingual Education in mind. Use the ‘Language Pack Builder’ to tweak your Picture Dictionary to accommodate English and your vernacular language. Or maybe your working in a African context, just choose French and vernacular and you can make it perfect for your context.

Try it out yourself!








Math for Life

Math for LifeBy providing animations for math, abstract concepts come to life!

This animation clearly explains the formula of a circumference of a circle!

Check out this animation here!