Win a Tablet

To enter the draw, you will need to answer 3 questions about our books correctly. All books are from the Grade 2 English Collection. You can submit your answers at the bottom of this page.

QUIZ Questions

Question 1:

(2-3) Who Sank the Boat?

In the book ‘Who Sank the Boat’, several animals plan to go for a boat ride. Who is the second animal to jump in the boat?

a) Pig

b) Frog

c) Dog

Question 2:

(2-5a) The Kingsfisher

In the book ‘The Kingfisher’, Eagle says that the Bird of Paradise deserves the red plume. Why does he deserve it?

a) Because he is the most beautiful

b) Because he is a hard working fellow

c) Because he is the smartest

Question 3:

(4-2) Feeling Warm

In the book ‘Feeling Warm’, one of the animals carries the fire across the water. Who is this animal?

a) Duck

b) Dog

c) Frog