Let’s level
the playing field
for all children!

Improving education in developing countries is very challenging, and even more so when children speak a language other than the national language. SIL-Education for Life helps by providing multi-lingual books.

Educate your audience with
a big screen!

This two minute video will give you more insight into our work at Education for Life.
What is a Solar Projector Kit. What does implementation at village level look like.

Who, What, Where . . .

We are ‘Education for Life’, a multi-cultural team with a passion for christian education and technology. Based in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, we strive to improve education through the use of technology, placing a strong emphasis on minority languages.

Free Talking Books

Children love it when someone reads a book to them. The Bloom Reader does the same, creating a whole new reading experience.

Solar Projector Kit

More than 150 schools in Papua New Guinea are already using Solar Projector Kits (SPK). It’s a great way to bring ‘Talking Books’ to the classroom.