Let’s level
the playing field
for all children!

Improving education in developing countries is very challenging, and even more so when children speak a language other than the national language. SIL-Education for Life helps by providing multi-lingual books.

Who, What, Where . . .

We are ‘Education for Life’, a multi-cultural team with a passion for education and technology. Based in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, we strive to improve education through the use of technology, placing a strong emphasis on minority languages.

Free Talking Books

Children love it when someone reads a book to them. The Bloom Reader does the same, creating a whole new reading experience.

Bloom Awards

Are you interested in creating your own Bloom books? Join the competition and win an award with your Bloom book in your language.

Solar Projector Kit

More than 90 schools in Papua New Guinea are already using Solar Projector Kits (SPK). It’s a great way to bring ‘Talking Books’ to the classroom.