Solar Projector Kit

e-Learning in the Bush?

Imagine being a teacher in a remote village. Having no access to power means that using a laptop or charging a phone is already a challenge. How would you even go about using a projector in your classroom?

Solar Projector Kit

We designed a kit with just the neccesary components to allow teachers to share anything with their students.


We provide the world’s brightest LED projector, allowing for use during the day in a typical classroom.


You won’t find a battery in our kit. Instead we run all equipment directly from a solar panel.


The phone in our kit ‘talks’ wirelessly with the projector, allowing the teacher to move around freely while presenting.


Students may listen to all of the content via a Bluetooth speaker.

See it in action

More than 80 schools in Papua New Guinea are using the Solar Projector Kit every day.
See how it works in East Sepik Province.

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We sell 3 versions of Solar Projector Kits and only in Papua New Guinea.

Type A:  24 Hours – K 7000
The ’24 hour’ version includes a lithium ion battery, which allows for use during the day and night.

Type B: Daytime – K 5000
The ‘Daytime’ version allows for use during the day only. This version comes without a battery and is ideal for schools

Type C: Town – K 4000
The ‘Town’ version doesn’t include solar panels. This version is ideal for schools that have access to ‘town’ power.

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